“dead” in many languages

Few days ago, I came to realize that there are similarities in the words for “dead” in Spanish and Indonesian.
 “muerte” – Spanish
 “mati” – Indonesian
So I opened google translate and looked up different languages which could have influenced these two.
“almawt” – Arabic for “death”
“maewt” – Hebrew
“maut” – Hindi for “death”
“matyu” – Sanskrit
“morte” – Latin for “death” (the ancestor of Spanish language)
If all of these sound-resembling words have the same root, it must have been very, very deep, so I became even more curious, so I googled further…
“matu” – Akkadian(the grandfather of Semitic languages)
“us” – Sumerian
“ak” – Hittite
So my conclusion that these words probably have come from Akkadian word “matu.”